• It's not glamorous. It's just LA.

  • LA.

    Bizarre & wonderful.

  • You may be right. I may be crazy.

  • When in doubt, have fun.

  • What do you mean by "behave?"

Bacon, Cheese and a Slutty SuperTuscan!

Delicious! Now that I have your attention, confused as you may be, I'm going to tell you where you are. This is the place where I store my observations about life in Los Angeles (and life in general).This is the digital space where I get to be ridiculous, have fun and poke the virtual bear.
In other words, I'm just goofing around.
I make these silly videos wherever I am, with the ideas that just come to me or that people suggest. If you want to give me a hint for a video, shoot me a tweet @LA_Cecilie.
Feel free to explore this craziness, my friends. I'll keep putting it out.